Tafe Queensland Gold Coast

Tafe Queensland Gold Coast improves security with a HD surveillance solution from BLUi

Overview & introduction
Tafe Queensland Gold Coast found that although they have a large quantity of CCTV surveillance cameras on site, the quality of the recorded footage and the performance of the system head-end was simply not good enough. It was time for an upgrade and a powerful HD IP-based surveillance system was the only way to go moving forward.

The problem
Being part of the team responsible for infrastructure at Tafe Queensland, Gold Coast, Jerome Van Gramberg and his colleagues were concerned that the image quality from their current system was not helping the onsite security team as much as it could and indeed, should.

“The main issue with the current system is that the clarity of the footage is very poor. Even though there are many cameras on site, it is difficult to positively identify persons that are on our watch list, making it more difficult for our security team to respond quickly when these individuals approach or enter our premises. They have to get pretty close to a camera to see them clearly”, says Jerome.

Providing video evidence with enough clarity to help onsite security respond faster and provide irrefutable evidence to authorities is what Tafe Queensland Gold Coast needs from their surveillance system.

The solution
Understanding that image clarity was extremely important to Tafe Queensland Gold Coast, BLUi Security Australia partnered with D-Link to provide a HD IP surveillance system that was designed to provide better surveillance coverage and clearer images by employing the use of full HD IP cameras connected to secured sections of the Tafe’s existing data network, leveraging infrastructure that Tafe Queensland had already invested in.

A total of thirty (30) 1080p Full HD IP cameras were installed at Tafe Queensland Gold Coast. Through strategic placement and configuration of these cameras, the onsite security team now have superior video surveillance coverage on site with fewer cameras in use.

A powerful, expandable and dedicated surveillance server platform provided by BLUi runs the D-Link D-ViewCam video management system. Recording, playback and live view of all the HD cameras on site is provided over the Tafe network to security PC workstations, securely.

The surveillance server solution provided by BLUi and the D-ViewCam software provided by D-Link are robust and can be expanded by the simple addition of software licensing to support up to sixty-four (64) HD IP cameras.

 Results, feedback and improvements

The onsite security team at Tafe Queensland Gold Coast have provided feedback since the new system went live:

  • Image quality improved markedly over the CCTV system used previously.
  • The D-ViewCam software system is easy to use.
  • Reviewing recorded footage after an incident and backing up evidence to USB is fast.
  • Can now ID persons from further away than we could before. - We have more coverage with fewer cameras in place.

The solution provided by BLUi, using D-Link cameras and D-ViewCam recording software, has enabled the onsite security team to better manage security at Tafe Queensland, Gold Coast.

“I would recommend BLUi Security Australia and the D-Link HD IP surveillance solution to anyone who is looking for a security partner that will provide a system that is easy to use and delivers clear, usable surveillance footage” - Jerome Van Gramberg, Tafe Queensland, Gold Coast.
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What Our Customers Say

We regard BLUi as one of our premium partners whom we will frequently recommend, as a System Integrator, to people or companies that enquire about our products.
- Trevor
Since BLUi upgraded our CCTV system to a HD system, we have submitted HD video evidence to the federal & state police that has helped with investigations by providing detailed images that would not have been possible with our old CCTV system. If you're looking for a trusted professional security solutions provider who will give you the best gear at the best price and give you the support when you need it, use Boz and the team at BLUi.
- John
We appreciate your assistance, support and knowledge from the start of this project.
- Amanda

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