Smart home technology trends in Australia

Every year, more Australian homeowners are taking advantage of smart home technology.

Smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa have introduced us all to a world of potential in terms of connectivity and automation in our homes.

Although there are concerns for privacy from some people, the benefits of smart home technology include increased energy efficiency, more quality family time and increased home security.


Automation is in high demand

The demand is high in the market as more and more homes add these automated features to their home to increase property value. More people will implement such features in their homes and the housing industry will need to keep up with these growing trends.

Designing smart homes from the building stage will mean a seamless operation and efficiency, while older homes can be decked out quite easily.

Smart Home Security

We are seeing increasing trends in smart doorbells with high resolution cameras. The footage can be easily accessed via a smart phone. Smart locks will allow you to lock and unlock your home as well as monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to your property. You can simply switch on your favourite theme song from your device as you walk through the door with your lights and air conditioner already turned on.

These days, smart technology and internet connectivity allow us to operate a range of devices in the home to automate all manner of functions, saving people time, money, and improving their quality of life.

For us at Blui Security, helping people live better with smart technology solutions is what we’re here for.

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